Need help with zoom please

Good evening everyone :relaxed:. I would need help. I would like to know how to zoom in on a character and at the same time move the other characters aside without moving them. I don’t quite know how to explain it. I saw it in some stories, the zoom did it and the characters moved away or disappeared, I don’t really know. Thanks in advance for your answers. Have a lovely night or day.


Hello! I can help you with the zooming i believe. Once you start your story, click on the helpers button and click on camera. You’ll see ‘zoom’ and ‘focus’ on the left bottom corner. You can focus on a character or something with focus and then zoom there. Onca you set it up, you’ll see some numbers at he bottom of the screen like @zoom on 580 312 in 0 copy and paste that number in your coding and save and display :slight_smile:
As for moving characters aside when doing this, you can spot your characters just a little further from where they are using & command. I hope this is helpful let me know pleasee :))


To add onto what Eclipsa up there said…

Here’s an example of it in action, I used this very coding in my own story.

&zoom on 570 356 to 239% in 2
&MC walks to spot 1.280 40 -73 in zone 2 in 2 and MC does it while idle_handsonhips_loop_rear then MC starts idle_handsonhips_loop_rear

This coding moves the MC out of the shot smoothly, while zooming in on another character at the same time.


Thank you for your help :relaxed:

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