Need Help with zooming

Can someone please help me with zoom. I want to zoom to a certain spot but it sends me to another. can someone please help me.

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Can you take a screenshot of your script?

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This is what I have

And you want it to zoom?

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yeah, but like it sends me to a different zone.

A zoom is when you zoom in on a characters face for example, so i don’t understand what you need help with?

Is it that when you try to pan to zone 3 it doesn’t work or is it the spot?

I got the pan stuff. But I want to zoom in to characters face it just sends me to like a different zone.

so i start off right here but when I try to zoom in but

it sends me here

Try removing the - in the spot code.

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The - is fine, depending on which zone you initiated it from.

@zoom on CHAR to % in S

Where % is the percentage, 100% being default, and S is the time in seconds.

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Let me go try that.

Character is ending up in zone 2 but you’re in zone 3 that’s why you can’t zoom on him. Change the spotting or/and zone

So they problem is were i’m spotting the character.

I think so as he’s in zone 2 and you’re in zone 3

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