Need help with zooms on sleeping people

I need help with zooming on a person sleeping on bed. please help.

Which background are you using and where’s the spot that the person is sleeping in?

Hello :grin:
If you still need help feel free to send me a message :heart:

Teens sister bedroom background

Sorry can you send me a picture of that part in your script and how the scene looks like?

check this thread if you want to learn how to use zoom

When i am adding the zoom command the entire story is getting zommed

@RIA changes into Ria_nightwear

@RIA spot 0.8 190 410 in zone 2 AND RIA faces left AND RIA starts lay_awake_loop

@pan to zone 1

@pan to zone 2

@pan to zone 3

@pause for a beat

@zoom on 669 568 to 126% in 2

you need to use @zoom reset after the scene

Ill try. hopefully it works

The error here is the zoom is coming for entire episode from starting.
For eg; I am adding zoom on line 36 but the entire script from line 1 is zoomed.
How to fix that?

You might have a zoom active from the last episode. Add a zoom reset command at the beginning of you episode script

Last episode I didn’t use zoom at all.

Hmm… try adding the command anyways and let me know if it works

Ya i did so. waiting for preview. I’ll let you know if it worked. :slight_smile:

It worked actually but the zoom is coming off sudden not like slow zooms.
But it worked thank you so much.

It came along properly this time i changed the time.
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Slow zooms or timed zooms are different from zoom reset. The zoom reset command snaps the screen back to 100%. If you want the zoom to gradually zoom out, you use a timed zoom.

@zoom on 0 0 to 100% in 4

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Awesome, your welcome

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