Need help with zooms

So i’m writing a story and in the beginning, I have 3 characters looking at another character and i want to do like make it dramatic by zooming in on character’s faces and other parts while it’s fading in and out, what I am talking about was used in Dana Violet’s story “Assassins of Blackwood”, but I know how to do zooms and stuff, but I’m not that good at zooms like that so if anyone knows how to do that, tell me, I would really appreciate it.

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@zoom on CHARACTER to 500% in 0

You can change the 500 to like 300, 700, etc. It depends on how much you want it to zoom in. The 0 is how fast you zoom in, so 0 would be immediately zooming in. You can change the 0 based on how fast you want it to zoom in, the higher the number the slower it is. Hope this helps!

omg, tysm!

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No problem! If you still have trouble with it let me know!!


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