Need help writing a story description

Hey guys,
So I’ve been trying to write a description for my story for like a week now and just nothing. Could anyone help please?

Title: The Devil’s Curse
Genre: Romance/Drama/Fantasy

So basically, it’s about a witch who’s been on the run with her sister for almost a year runs into a werewolf pack’s territory. The Alpha of the pack is a ruthless hybrid…


Could you maybe provide their names and a little more info, if you are uncomfortable to share it here, you can send a DM or message on Instagram.

I’ll DM you later on today.

Well why are the running away? I think this is crucial for the beginning of th summary.

Two sisters on the run fall into the hands of a werewolf’s pack territory. Only they don’t expect to meet the Alpha, who is ruthless.

Being a witch on the run for over a year, your ready to try something new. Running onto a wolf pack’s territory is a great start, right? Good luck, you’ll need it!

How’s that? (:

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