Need help writing a story



I have no idea how to start writing or coding I need help


Do you have Instagram?


Yeah @basiclupe my own account in instagram


Ok great! So on Instagram there are a lot of people that make tutorials on how to write and stuff for example @alexa.episode . But I would also advise you to read ALL of the directing commands. But after reading those if you still have any questions feel free to Pm me! Just a tip- What I did when I was just starting is practice, and experimenting new things. Like first start with character placements and transitioning to backgrounds then move to zooms… then overlay…ect…


Oh well thank you so much


Check out Joseph Evans tutorials or read some example tutorial scripts on the portal.
Good luck x


Thank you


No problem! I love coding and stuff, so if you don’t know how to do something, I most likely do!


Oh okay thanks