Need help writing an African American character

Pretty much what the title says. I’m not a poc so I want to make sure I do the character justice. If anyone who is of color has any tips or info. it would be greatly appreciated


Hi! Thanks for reaching out! What do you need help with?

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I guess some do’s and don’ts if you can think of any


The Do’s and Dont’s of Writing Black Characters :heartbeat:

• Write Black/Brown characters for the sake of being the MC’s best friend
• Tokenize your Black/Brown Characters
• Fetishize Black/Brown characters
• Create “White People of Color”
• Create tan LI’s with straight hair
• Give Black/Brown characters incorrect features (e.g. Blue eyes,)
• Expect an award for including a character of color
• Write Black/Brown characters in a “forbidden love” trope with a White MC/LI! It’s weird, and fetish-like!
• Write stereotypes (e.g. The illiterate black kid, “Ghetto” black girl, The hispanic maid, The sexy latina, The Spanish Only Speaker, The smart asian)

• Further develop your Black/Brown characters
• Research on different cultures
• Be creative!
• Avoid using stereotypes


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