Need help writing first story


I been playing episode for so long now
I would really like to write one!
if anyone can help or be a friendly face that would help :slight_smile:


I would love to help! You can pm anytime you have questions.


aw thankyou so much! ill do that


Same here i am working on chap 1 for my story and its a lot of work day and night for 2 weeks and im still working on it


haha! i literally have no idea what I’m doing! its quite hard! x


Right!! would you like to work together lol i know some of the basic in coding and stuff


omg really? id love that! I’m just creating characters but that script writing look sooo confusing
we should work together x


I would love to help you! I’m not an expert but if you have questions you can pm me anytime :two_hearts:


I sound stupid but how do I PM you?! so new to all of this xxx


You’re not stupid, I din’t know how to pm either. :sweat_smile:
You just click on the profile of the person and click here:




yw :smiley: