Need help writing my first story

This will be my first story, Ive always wanted to create one but its actually a lot harder than I thought. I know what I want the story to be but cant create it. Is there anyone who can help me ?

I might be able to help.

I would love to help!

is there something in particular you need help with (e.g. story premise, plot development, witty banter, coding, choices, art, etc)? I’ve gotten decent at coding and could help make some templates if you want to include more complex choices/branching, I also do art but not the usual/cartoon style. lmk if you need anything and I’d be happy to help



I am trying to write my first story but I am having problems like coding it and having it run smoothly and if anyone knows how to code storys or can teach me that would be amazing . I have the story planned out but it is the coding part I need help with as well as choices . Would you or anyone be able to to help me ?