Need help writing my story please

Hey guys. So I’m on chapter 5 of my story I’m writing. My old writing partner stoped writing with me back in Christmas. I’ve run out of ideas. I’ve have a bad writers block. If anyone wants to be my writing partner let me know. Would love the help.

I can help

Really that would be awesome.


What if I help u, u help me lol.

so do you have an ig account?

we can discuss there

Yeah I do. Jpassen_episode

yeah shure!

Cool. You can pm me here or dm me on Instagram

I am trying to write my first story but I am having problems like coding it and having it run smoothly and if anyone knows how to code storys or can teach me that would be amazing . I have the story planned out but it is the coding part I need help with as well as choices . Would you or anyone be able to to help me ?

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Yeah I would love to help

Do you have an email or discord or some way so I can contact you to learn how to code ?( I don’t have snap or insta or tiktok )

Yeah my username is Jpassen#3869 for discord. Here’s the link as well for my episode server I created