Need honest opinion on new story ideas

Hey guys. I have a new story idea and I would like people’s honest opinion on it. The genre is horror/thriller which is completely out of my forte. I recently published a new story in drama but it seems no one is really interested in it so I want to go out of my comfort zone and try something new.

Here is the idea:

The scene starts with the MC (male) waking up from a nightmare. The MC goes to the bathroom and notices his reflection is gone. He believes his mind is playing tricks with him. Days go by, and his parents don’t come home. He notices his friends have disappeared, but the weird thing is that no one notices. The MC sees an ad about a fortune teller. The MC meets the fortune teller and she says the MC has powers. The MC thinks the fortune teller is crazy and on the way home, the MC feels that someone is following him. However, he looks back and no one is there. At night, the MC sees that someone is watching him from across the street. He cannot make out his face but only a dark shadow is seen. Suddenly the shadow disappears. The MC thinks is mind is playing tricks with him so he goes to sleep. He has another nightmare. This time, it’s something that was unexpected.

Idea #2:

At a work party, someone suggest you do a tarot card reading but you politely decline. When you return home, you find a single tarot card in your mailbox.

So guys, that’s the plots/ideas. Please tell me your honest opinion. Thank you so much!


I love them both but especially first one! I think people will be interested because there’s so much to be curious about, it will keep them going (including me hehe).

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Here is another idea! I would love your opinion!

A serial killer was found dead years ago. One day at work, you receive a mysterious text message. It’s from…THE SERIAL KILLER! The text message send chills down your spine as you read what the text message says.

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I like your ideas!
I believe that when you are writing you will put all the things before he goes to the witch (the parents not coning home, the friends disappearing, etc) in a single montage while he narrates so all this would be the begginging of the story.
Think about what powers he got? What changes when he gots his powers? Why he got his powers?What is different about him? What is different when he got his powers?
Why does the parents are not coming home? Why did the friends disappear?
Also I think It would not be a fortune teller, maybe an advert un tv of a witch that “can tell you everything” or something like that he is curios otherwise it would not be so credible, I would think that is something that you wrote to keep the plot moving. Make him be tempted by this witch or woman idk


Exactly! It’s all a mystery. An idea of instead of a fortune teller with a glass ball, it would be a tarot card reader who is actually a witch. He asked the tarot witch what powers he has, but she doesn’t tell him. She says he will know in due time then smirks. She has white eyes like snow and a scar on one eye.

both sound pretty good, you can combine both ideas in one story.

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That’s what I was thinking

Would you guys be interested in a story with these 2 ideas combined?

Thank you sweety :blush:. I loved this one too, again, the mystery. You should think on it like, what’s the connection between the MC and the “dead” serial killer, why is he/she still alive, do we have something to do with it etc.

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I will definitely think on it!

I decided to combine the MC having a nightmare of a woman being stabbed and a tarot card reader telling him at his work party that he has powers :revolving_hearts:

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Let me know when it’s ready and good luck!

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I will! I’m still trying to figure out a good title

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