Need hotel background


Hello everybody, I need as much hotel background (in + out the building) and also some of hotel’s stuff overlay <3 can u help me


We can help you here!


i don’t get the point of this topic much


If you ask for what you would like on the thred (the link) my friends that have good resouces can get you them in a jiffy!


they have a lot of request tho, it would take them a lot of time :((


I promise you will get your stuff within a couple of hours :slight_smile: if you are up to it.


okay, i will try ^^




And if you want I can always do it!


omg, the background and layers too ?


Yes but if you requested from EH or ES whatever it is, you might want to tell them you found someone else. I will also have to put you on a small waiting list but I can promise ya it’ll be done tonight!


Here is the link to My Thread!