Need Hut Interior Backgrounds


Hey guys I need two backgrounds. The background will be the interior of a hut. The hut will be well decorated. So, if anyone can make background plz tell me in this thread. Both day and night version please. So in total there will be 4 backgrounds. (Including day and night).


First Background

There will be a bed, a small cupboard and nothing else. The size will be small. (I mean do not make the room too big). There will also be a window and outside the window there will be a forest. The room would be well decorated with leaves and flowers.

Second Background

It will be similar to the first background only a few changes here and there.

Oh…u will be credited :blush:


Go to Episode life


Tysm but it would be better if someone could do it in this thread or else I have to type again.


I will send you it




@Dangrousdiva I am just making sure not trying to be rude…Are u working on my backgrounds?


@DangrousDiva I am sorry but plz cancel my request


Did you ever get your backgrounds??


Not yet…but trying to find a place to request in Instagram.


Would you like me to help? I am in the middle of a cover and almost done than I can get to your backgrounds if you would like


If u can then plz make either. I am of course going to give u credit. And take as much time u need…I have no rush


Thank u


No problem… I’m also gonna see if anyone in my group can help… I’m sure we will have them done by later today for you!! :grin:




@ChayChay I have got my backgrounds from an Instagram account. Don’t have to make them anymore. Tysm. :smiley:


@Ryan or @Jeremy Plz close this thread :smile: