Need idea for a new story

I want to write a story base on christmas holidays but need idea does any one had a good idea or want to pair up to write a story together.

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what genre

Can you explain what you want?

like ideas for a supernature romance story like with werewolf anf faries and vampires.

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romance or supernature theme.

You could make a story where a girl is hoping that her boyfriend/fiancé/husband or whatever comes back for the holidays but instead meets another guy and then he instantly likes her.

okay thanks

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No problem

what about a story where the girl sends a letter to the north pole (cause she’s one of those who still believe in Santa at like 30?)
But anyways the only this that was on her wish list was love and then on Christmas morning a super hot/supernatural man with a suit and a bow on his head is waiting for her (AND SHES TERRIFIED) (this is a good part to have a bit).
After her melt meltdown a stranger being in her house, he gives her the paper that says she’s stuck with him due to her Christmas wish and she soon finds out what powers he holds and along the way love.

I call it: All I Want For Christmas

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