Need ideas for a romantic story!


I really want to write a romantic story but don’t know where to begin!
Drop your ideas below!


SO! As an author, to stay inspired I find it best to write what you like! What kind of Romance stories do you like? We can start there.


Ayy that is good advice, I’d like to get in on this, I’d be happy to help out with shaping a romance story!!


Do you like
-adult love stories (note book kinda feel)
-new puppy love (teenage/highschool love stories)
-unconventional love stories(quirky main characters/on the typical MC and Love interest you usually see. Basically anything love move with Kristin steward in it ahahah )


I love romance stories that come unexpectedly usually or ones that come from hard/unexpected circumstances


More so adult love stories


Perfect! Okay so what kind of circumstance is difficult to you? And is this more of a sweet romance story or a rip your heart out kind ahaha


I definitely think characterisation is… not more important because characterisation is always important, but harder with that kind of romance. You’re probably looking at more unique characters, who will have a more detailed backstory. I’d say start there?¿


As in, a pregnancy from a one night stand…or something a little less cliché than that if you catch my drift


YES! That was going to be my next thing.

Characters, when we’ll developed, write the story themselves.


@CordeliaM Thank you! I usually find starting with characters helpful too


Ah haha glad we’re all on the same track! @Sweet_Stories is really offering up some good advice here so imma take my lead from there :joy:


So you Want to take the less cliché road, let’s think outside the box,

What are things that force people to see each other repeatedly?

-getting into a fender bender
-working together


I guess… how would your romance take off from here then? What is your MC’s mindset at the beginning of the story? How does the LI alter that?


Omg or like… AA meetings


Or rehab?!


@CordeliaM I love the way you think girl!!


That might be a little risqué for Episode but you catch my drift


No it’s not! Depending on the kind of rehab!


Do either of you guys maybe want to work together on this story? I feel like we could develop it well together!