Need ideas for a story intro

I need some ideas on how my intro should look.

It’s a fantasy story with vampires,witches and werewolves

I have no ideas :grimacing: so help me


@Devil_Herself @Davideogurl


I don’t have any ideas ATM but maybe @Anna_Marie can help?

  • Wolves howling to the moon
  • Character transforming into a wolf
  • Blood dripping
  • Fangs shwoing and eye color chagning
  • Fog in a forest/town and vampire running at supperspeed

I think it’s best to combine two different ideas. Also don’t make it too long as it can get boring in a while. :slight_smile:


A suggestion, either make the intro very quick or add a Skip button for people like me who are impatient. A cool intro is great the first few times but after that it’s just a pain to sit through every episode, especially if your story is good enough that I want to replay it.

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