Need ideas for my cover!

I’m out of ideas for my cover.

I’m working on a story about assassins. And it also has a bit of romance in it.
I already edited a small cover for it where the two main characters are holding guns.

So I would love if someone could help me come up with a different idea for my big cover?


since they are holding guns, hm…why not put the gun to their face while they are looking forward.

They could also attack someone,hm…

Hmmm, maybe since the small cover was mainly about the assassin part, the large cover could be focused on their romance? So some sort of intimate pose?

I’m not sure what you mean with gun to their face?

Maybe I could but I have no idea what could be an intimate pose that’s not to intimate but more like maybe cute

something like this.


Ohhh now I get it, thanks. That’s a really cool idea.

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You could have holding their foreheads together, or use ye old bridal pose