Need ideas for my new episode story

I need some ideas for my upcoming episode story called Adventures of Bathwoman, I need funny superheros names and powers… This is for a comedy, also funny villains as well…

I can help


I’m just needing help with superhero names right now and powers having a little bit of a hard time with thinking of a lot…


Crapoila man

Gurgle Girl


Kitty gal

Idrk man :joy:

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And if any one would like to be a superhero or villains in my story your more then welcome to be… I will need to know your look and superhero name and power, so far in the story has bathwoman, glam girl and music man… I need about 3 more superheros and another villain or two…

How about using someone like Ellen DeGeneres’ the Honker? Or something like Cringe Girl who just… well, makes everyone cringe :laughing:


Yes I love cringe girl!!! XD

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Keep me updated ! Your story sounds really fun :grin:

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Lol ya I could use cringe girl… Thank you

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I’m working really hard on it so hopefully it comes out the way I want it too… But if you want we can follow each other so you know when it comes out… My episode name is amandafay

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Okay sure thank you !!

It’s out !!!

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