Need information on sports at American High Schools

So I need answers/information on the questions below:

  • Can more than one sport tournament happen in the same season?

  • To participate in a tournament/championship (be it regional or national) does the school have to register their team? Or let’s say a school didn’t have a female team the previous year but formed one the year after, is there a certain process to follow so that team can participate in competitions?

  • Do boys and girls season happen at the same time?

I think that’s it for now, it might be a bit hard to understand but I really don’t know how to properly word out my question haha


Girls and boys play during the same season.

During the fall football, cross country, soccer swimming, tennis, and volleyball are in season
spring is basketball, track and field, baseball and softball season

I don’t know much about the registration stuff and there’s probably way more sports I just couldn’t think of anymore lol I hope this helped some


Yess thank you very much!!!

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No problem I’m a choir and theater kid so i know the bare minimum about sports lol :sweat_smile: cheer and dance are also a spring sports if you count those

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