Need INK Background Characters! (CLOSED FOR NOW)

Hi, I’m Winter. For my upcoming story ‘Soccer Moms: Blast to the Future’ I need Ink background characters. Please fill out the form with character details and let me know on here once you have. :slight_smile:
You will of course get credit in my story and if you’re lucky enough you may get a more regular character!


Thanks so much,
Winter xx

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I think the opening said that you could fill it out as many times as you want (I may have read wrong), but you get this response if you try to fill it out again.

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Thanks for pointing that out! Fixed it! :wink:

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@EpisodeAfra @Purple_Ghost Thanks for your characters! :blush:


@granolias @Rune.episode Thanks for your characters! :wink:

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Full, only needed a few. I’ll let everyone know if I open it again! :slight_smile:

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PUBLISHED Soccer Moms!! Check it out here:

~ Winter05 :snowflake:

@Ryan @Jeremy You can close this now. :smile: