Need INK characters!

Hey y’all! I am writing a story centered around a new vampire. I need both background characters and important side characters.

Skin Tone:
Hair Style:
Hair Color:
Mouth Shape:
Mouth Color:
Eye Shape:
Eye Color:
Nose Shape:
Eyebrow Shape:
Face Shape:
Preferred Outfit Type:
Social Media:

Here’s information I’d like if you want your character to have a more important role in my story.

Species: Human/Vampire/No Preference (I might add in witches and werewolves as well, but I’m not fully sure on how much or even when I will integrate them.)

Ill fill out the rest

Age: 21
Likes: Food gory stuff weapons violence
Dislikes: When people cross me
Goals: To have my dream future lol
Perosnality: Mean petty nice sometimes

Name: Emma
Skin Tone: Light
Hair Style: Long Feathered
Hair Color: Blonde
Mouth Shape: Blossom Lips
Mouth Color: Bubblegum Pink
Eye Shape: Slender Natural
Eye Color: Blue
Nose Shape: Pointed
Eyebrow Shape: Mature Round
Face Shape: Round
Preferred Outfit Type: Basic Tee (Cherry Red), Moon Necklace, Gold Biker Jacket, Rectangular Glasses, Dark Denim Jeans, Calf Boots Black
Social Media: @halochild.episode (Instagram)


Name: pheonix
Skin Tone: honey
Hair Style: beach wave or fishtail braid
Hair Color: black
Mouth Shape: full round
Mouth Color: sky blue
Eye Shape: upturned bold
Eye Color: white
Nose Shape: refined
Eyebrow Shape: seductive arch
Face Shape: diamond
Preferred Outfit Type: dont have one
Social Media: pheonixrayne.episode

age: 19
likes- food, guns, bombs, violence, parting
dislikes- when people are rude to me
goals- idk
personality- violent, mean, gorgeous, smart

Name: Jodie
Skin Tone: Light
Hair Style: Beach wave
Hair Color: Chestnut
Mouth Shape: full round
Mouth Color: scarlet
Eye Shape: upturned feline
Eye Color: green
Nose Shape: elven
Eyebrow Shape: seductive arch
Face Shape: oval
Preferred Outfit Type: white military chic boots, blue boho feather earrings, cadet blue high waisted pants and white layered crop top.
Social Media: insta @ nash.episode
Age: 20
Species: Vampire
Likes: netflix, pizza, makeup and clothes
Dislikes: bad wifi.
Goals: to become the baddest lawyer.
Personality: bubbly but low-key savage, speaks fluent sarcasm and sass level 80%