Need kinda writing partner/motivator?

Hello! I have already some episodes which are made, but sadly a lot of time I loose motivation to write my story mostly cause I don’t have writing friends. So would love to have someone who can “join me” oh my road of being an author.

Would also love to help with ur story! Not as a partner but as someone who listens to u and gives opinion and so on.


Heyy girl if you’re still looking I would love to help you… you can contact me on my insta @evelina_4569

I’d love to help :))

I think I saw awhile back that you’re Russian (correct me if I’m wrong)? So, I’d love to hear your opinions, suggestions, knowledge and whatnot to do with Russia and Russian representation, cuisine, education etc.

Also, good luck with your story! My PMs are always open if you want to talk, vent, brainstorm or anything else. :blush:

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Yes! I was the one who posted about Russian stereotypes xd

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Heyy i would really like to join you
You can text me on my instagram @paigegraystories

I have a lot of free time and would love to be your writing partner because I grew up coding and I love helping people. My Instagram is kimberlyonepsode.

I want too :pleading_face::pleading_face: but also I want to dress up characters for you! Hahaha