Need lgbqt ideas

Need story ideas for girlxgirl


what kind of ideas are you looking for? like dynamics for the two characters, how they meet, or something else?

Wdym dynamics

like how they interact (eg love languages) or who they are as individuals

How they meet and interact

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Something simple works for the meeting or you could probably go with some super random/crazy events. Some ideas:

  • went to a casual party/meeting people event
  • classmates/bump in the halls
  • one hit the other with their car (they argue whose fault it is months later while they’re dating)
  • randomly jumped into the passenger seat of her convertible (just saw a red convertible and decided to hop in)
  • skate park (one knows how to skate, other is learning and doing fairly poorly)
interacting (it's a bit long)

I feel like interactions tend to be very contrasting (sometimes they’re not) so a couple ideas for interacting could be:

  • one’s very bring and shiny and is always dragging the other one around to new places/events
    - the girl that gets dragged to different places is very antisocial but enjoys doing things with her s/o and likes that her partner encourages her to explore new things outside her comfort zone - receiving love language: quality time and acts of services - giving love language: quality time
    - the bright and outgoing girl wants to make her girlfriend smile and enjoys exploring the nooks and crannies of the world; she finds beauty in everything and many call her naïve - receiving love language: quality time, (partial) physical touch - giving love language: acts of service; quality time
  • one’s very stressed and logical while the other doesn’t care much for the world and gets the other to step away from the world when she’s stressed
    - stressed and practical often takes on a lot of responsibilities and projects and though highly capable, she piles her plate so high that she struggles to manage - receiving love language: words of affirmation, gifts(/getting paid) - giving love languages: acts of service
    - lacks care for world initially enjoyed that her partner did everything but now wished her partner wouldn’t have to do a single thing after seeing how much stress she goes through; she often pulls her partner away and holds her so she can’t return to her desk - receiving love languages: acts of services, quality time - giving love languages: physical touch, gifts
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thank you this helps

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