Need LGBTQ+ feedback on choosing gender of MC (who's originally male)


So I’ve been thinking about my first episode story, where a male superstar dies by mistake and the people in charge of the afterlife give him compensation by giving him another chance of living on earth, except as another brand new person (but adult). The thing is, I was planning on making the player choose the gender (not just sex) of the new person (but not the old guy, if that makes any sense). Also, I want my MC to still yearn for their old life, but I worry that might be a little insensitive, so if any LGBTQ+ (mostly T) people could give me advice on these two things, you’re very welcome! Also, if you think that story idea isn’t any good, you could say it too.

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I love this story idea! I’d really love to read it once it’s published :heart_eyes:
Also just an objective opinion: I don’t think it’d be insesitvie. MC missing their old life doesn’t have to mean they miss their old gender or anything. They would probably miss their familiy, friends, fans and lifestyle in general :slight_smile:

I completetly agree! The reader won’t think of it as them missing their old gender, unless you word it that of course lol.

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