Need limelight characters for story!

I need some limelight characters for my story with some really UNIQUE personalities and appearances!

So, It’s basically a mixture of dark fantasy and psychology and for this, I need a few extra characters.

Fill this thingy:

1. Name:

2. Appearance:

Skin Color:
Eyebrow shape:
Eyebrow Color:
Eye shape:
Eye color:
Lip shape:
Lip color:
Hair color:
Face shape:
Nose shape:

3. Screenshot of character:

4. Outfit (optional):

5. Sinner or non sinner:

6. Personality:

7. Sin committed (if he/she is a sinner):


Brianna Jean Winslow

Sinner or non sinner: Sinner

Personality: Kind of dumb, Hates being called stupid, Sensitive, Nosy, Always wants Pizza

Sin committed (if he/she is a sinner): Murdered her father because he was mean to her

Hope these are ok :sweat_smile:

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Thats great! thank you :hugs:

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Name, Appearance, Screenshot


5. Sinner or non sinner: Non Sinner

6. Personality: Looks scary, really a softie, but very honest. Shy but sarcastic, and very kind.

If there’s anything you want changed, feel free of course! :slight_smile:

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thank u so much, its awesome :relaxed:

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Clare Blackfox
Sinner or non sinner: Sinner
Personality: She is bad, have trust issues, trouble but kind, what about feelings she doesn’t have them if she gets them it will be all new to her :crazy_face:
Sin committed: Killed murders who killed her parents
Can you let me know when the story is out :blush:

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Really sweet and really smart. She is very passionate about what she thinks is right. she is definitely not a sinner. She’s just really, really innocent lol.

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1. Name: Mya :two_hearts:



Screen Shot 2020-03-22 at 11.12.31 AM

5. Sinner or non-sinner: Sinner (but is guilty about it)

Killed her ex-boyfriend who she thought was a robber

6. Personality: Jokester, Can be loud at times, Is very quirky, Loves to sing/dance, and is very smart.

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Feel Free to change details about them :blush:

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Awesome! I’ll be sure to tell u when I publish my story♥️

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Perfect! Thank u✨

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Thank u! This is great!

Yep! Do u want me to make them sinners or non sinners?

The girl’s a sinner the guy’s not.

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Omg it was written right there lmfao sorry

Sinner or non Sinner: Non sinner

Personality: sweet, kind, funny

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I’ll leave it up to you.


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Thank u loads♥️

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Thanks a lot❣️

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You’re welcome :wink:

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