Need LL background characters! (Fantasy story) (I will give credit!)

Hi! I really need some background characters for my new story! It’s in LL. This is what I need:

  • Name:
  • Details:
  • Personality:
  • A special power you would like:

Thank you! :heart:

  • Name: Lana
    •Personality: Bookworm, Helper, Nice, Friendly, Cool
    •A special power you would like: Reading Minds?

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Thank you! Can I use you as a kinda important character? And how should I credit you?

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Name: Haruka!


Personality: funny, overprotective over friends (but in a nice way), kind, friendly, bubbly, excited… sleep deprived :joy::joy:

Special power: I don’t know, I can’t choose! Reading minds maybe, although since Lana already said that, stopping time or invisibility would be awesome.


Thank you! How should I credit you? :relaxed:

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sure! no credit needed.

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np let me know when your story is out!

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Of course! It will still take some time though.

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ik, take all the time u need. :wink:

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Name: Brooke
Personality: sarcastic, witty, kind of emotional, determined, funny, knucklehead
Special Power: electricity manipulation or shapeshifting could be cool


Credit: @brookie.anda.kookie on instagram, though not needed

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No credit needed :relaxed::ok_hand: let me know when your story’s out!

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Name: Theodora


Personality: Sarcastic, humorous, smart, arrogant, loyal, friendly
Powers: Energy Projection (?)
You can give me credit at @awaeepis on Instagram or at my forum name but you don’t have to–just let me know when the story is out :slightly_smiling_face:

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Name: Melaniey or Mel for short

Personality: Sassy, Overprotective, Not easy to forgive others, kind, loves animals
Power: invisibility or the ability to talk to animals

Credit: @mel.epys on Instagram but in the end non needed! Tell me when the story is out!! I’d love to read it!

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  • Personality: Friendly, outgoing, smart, fun, caring, strong and enjoy teasing people
  • A special power you would like: Ice

  • Personality: Easygoing, funny, fun, flirty, silly, and charming
  • A special power you would like: Fire

  • Personality: Bossy, sassy, rude, badass, overprotective, short temper, and fighter
  • A special power you would like: Poison

  • Personality: Cold hearted, quiet, loner, blunt, likes music and play videogames, and he’ll warm up once he gets to know you
  • A special power you would like: Darkness
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Please change the hair to crew cut

Power: Explosion manipulation The user can create, shape and manipulate explosions from the palms of their hands. Helps to be in high temperatures.

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Thank you everyone! :blush:

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Name : Briar
Details :

Personality: perfectionist, charming, easygoing, emotional
Special power : Control mind

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I’m sorry, but controlling minds is already taken, is there any else you would like? :relaxed::purple_heart:

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