Need LL Background Characters for An Upcoming Adventure/Romance/Comedy Story

Update: I believe I have enough characters at the moment, but if you are still interested, feel free to add the info below. (I will probably add them in another episode story, if not the one I’m currently working on).

I’m currently working on a story about two sisters’ journeys to figure out their definition of “success.” The title at the moment is “Didi,” but it may change in the future.

If you are interested, please add the details for your characters and your social media handle to give you credit. I’ll try to add everyone till we reach about 20 characters.

Just for fun: add a one-liner that your character would say (which would follow the content guidelines). I’ll do my best to add it in :smile:

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character card by @episode_katherinee
one line my character would say is
totally rad
or just anything funny they are really goofy person

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Thank you! Should I just say @Briella.writes to give you credit or is there something else?

that works my instagram is that with no caps if you rather use that. :grin:

Got it! :+1:t4:

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So idk how many characters you need so feel free to choose :grin:
Me: i dont have anything i say a lot come to think of it i laugh a lot




Insta for all @tre.episodes


Alright, thank you! And the one-liner can be anything random, if you do want to add one later :relaxed:

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Im sure ima come up with one :grin: i just have to think about it

Take your time! Also, you can do one for each character since you’ve provided more than one :blush:

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I’ll give you a few to choose from :blush:


Line: Okay then… :roll_eyes:


Line: anything positive she is usually a really happy and bubbly person


Line: She is one of those I don’t even care anymore types that’s just tired of life so yeah :woman_shrugging:t4:


Line: Anything kind of weird/stupid I guess :woman_shrugging:t4::sweat_smile:

Insta: Lu.naacreates
Also let me know when the story is out sounds cool :heart:

Will do :+1:t4:
Thank you for the info and kind words! :heart:

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I also Have a guy character. here are his deets

His line would be wassup Or Don’t be such a jabroni!
character card credits

instagram @briella.writes

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That’s okay! Thanks, again :blush:

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Of course! I am getting a character card made so I will edit my reply and put that in when I get it.

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Boyfriend: Kai

Favorite lines: Oh no! You hate me! Pretend to cry* just kidding teasing


Girlfriend: Ayame

Favorite lines: That’s awesome! Or Chill, man.

Favorite lines: What are you looking at? or Don’t Tell me what to do!


Favorite lines: Get lost or how annoying

Favorite lines: Hey, cutie pie! Or You’re so cute when you smile.




Favorite lines: Don’t lie to me or else I’ll have to punish you

Credit me by Ayu-chan


Thanks, @Ayu!

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You’re welcome :grin:

I really love your one-liners :smile:


Thanks! :smile: I’m glad you like it! :wink:

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I figured them out…p.s these are based off of me and my favorite cousin different personalities :upside_down_face:
Levi-“what did we learn” or anything smart and sarcastic
Treyzere-“Why,what was your reason”, BRUH, and tik tok is stuck in my head right now so…“WHATDIDSHESAYY” or “WHATDIDHESAYY”
Lori-“Pause did you just-nevermind not my business”
Miracle-“IM WEAK busts out laughing” or anything sarcastic

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