Need LL Background Characters!

Hey! I’m writing my story and I am in need of LL background characters.

I need:
University Students
Characters for a club scene
FBI agents ~No need to include outfit, just character details.~
Coffee Shop owner (female)

If you’re interested, drop your character’s details and outfit and what you would like them to be. Also if you’d like to be credited let me know how to do so :heart:.

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I would like to be the coffee shop owner :eyes:

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Thank you, how would you like to be credited?

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Credit: @queenscribbles on instagram
If you need personality details just ask

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You don’t need to credit me!

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Okay thanks again!

Thank you, would you like them to be university students?

sure or you could put them in the club scene…
Doesn’t matter to me

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FBI agents, if that’s ok.


Okay thank you!

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FBI agents and University students






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Yes, it’s fine. Thank you! How would you like to be credited?

Thank you how would you like to be credited?

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my forum username, please.

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Ofc, thanks again!

Ayu-chan :slight_smile:

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@queenscribbles and @EtherealWitch do you mind if I use your characters as extras in my story?
If so how should I credit?


Feel free to! And no need to credit me :sparkling_heart:

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no problem hun!
credit @queenscribbles on instagram

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Hey! Here are the details for my character :smile:


Can I be a FBI agent? If its full, I can be a coffee shop owner :smiley:

Character card credits to @/nicollil


Feel free to tweak the outfits, as long the spectacles remain! :laughing:

Credit me @LynnAnn on Episode Forums :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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