So I am needing some LL character for my story :3 feel free to send detail (the more the better)
Both male and female (all size-body)


What type of characters are they? Ethnicity? Time period? Etc.

Character details

Name: Max
Body: Copper 04
Brow: Straight Medium(Black Dark)
Hair: Messy Undercut( Black Dark)
Eyes: Deepset Downturned Lidded(Blue Green)
Face: Triangle Chiseled Scruffy Beard
Nose: Male Generic
Lips: Full Heart Natural( Rose Light Nude Matte)

Casual wear

They are probably my favorite pair of sibilings!


Hey babe if you still need characters:
Name- Ali
Credit- Ali.x
•Generic Female (Body)
•Neutral 03
•Arched Natural Scar (Dark brown)
•Messy Sock Bun (Cool Gray)
•Female Generic (Blue Aqua)
•Diamond Defined Contour
•Defined Natural
•Full Heart Pouty (Rose Light Nude Gloss)

•Ringed Long Chain Necklace Metal Rose Gold
•Hoop Earring Large Metal Gold
•Ripped Shorts Denim Oxford Blue
•Tribal Sleeve Tattoo
•Scar Cheek (08-10)
•High Heel Gladiator Sandals Pleather Grey Black
•Diamond Cutout Strap Thin Cotton Black

Here’s one! :sparkling_heart:

thank u your guys so much

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anything :3 don’ need to worry about time. I accept all kind of character