Need lurxurious (kinda rich) bathroom

It should be spacious, modern and well-lit. Will credit!

Could you upload a picture or two of what you had in mind? Just so I could get an idea because I don’t really know what a rich bathroom looks like lol :joy_cat: but I can certainly try to make one for you! :grin:

Something like this, hope it helps! :smile:

Definitely helps! I’ll work on it now and post it in a few hours! :blush:

Also I forgot to ask, how many panels? Do you want one zone, 2 or 3?

either 2 or 3 is good, thanks!

They look just like what I needed! Thanks!

Oh, and what shall I credit you as?

okay, it’s good to know!

No disrespect at all but these look like these are screenshots from the game The Sims 4 (I’d know since I’m a pretty avid player) I don’t suggest using these since I’m almost positive since these are game assets you shouldn’t be using these for your story/commercial use :blush::v:

No worries! I’ve seen rooms made from using their stuff in other stories so I recently got the idea normally I google a bunch of stuff make them more cartoon-like and create overlays and piece them together and only recently started using some stuff from the sims. I deleted the post because I definitely don’t want others to have to remove their images because of me. Thank you so much for letting me know! :laughing: my bad! Lol

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Ahah yeah just didn’t want anyone getting their story taken down, Enjoy the rest of your day/night :wave:

Thanks! I’ll just do have to make it the old fashion way!

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I’ll have to make you a different bathroom now and make sure none of the items are from there lol sorry! Even though I have a background that has a laundry washer from the game in it and it was accepted :thinking: but I’ll work on your bathroom tomorrow! Already started and will have to piece it all together! I tried to see if maybe I can break up your image into overlays to create a bathroom exactly like it but too much is going on there lol

No worries, I already found what I needed anyway :sweat_smile: