Need Model for art

I need models for art! <3 I am hand drawing, and I need some peoples characters!

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ink or limelight?

either b <3

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okay, here !

use whatever you’d like :tipping_hand_woman:t2:


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Ill use yours first


What pose do you want your character to do?

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maybe scream? the end of it, tho

Oop I meant like body poses

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Here you go.

like what u want her arms to be doing

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Ill draw yours too, any pose in mind?

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oH lol what’s the easiest for you?

Custom or in episode style?

Custom. I am hand drawing

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Also can I give your character dimples?

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Of course.
If you can do either one of these three. If not, you can freestyle.

I can do those!

Im using ur ink model but do u want short or long hair