Need MODELS for my editing practice (ALL STYLES)


So Ive been really into these editing stuff, and I really wanted to see how much I improved or to see if I can improve!

Anyways, the thread title says it all I AM IN NEED OF MODELS FOR EDITS I am currently accepting ALL STYLES yes, that includes Ink, Classic and Limelight

I would much likely prefer SCREENSHOTS IN THE MODELS DESIRED POSE I allow to do Custom poses and custom outfits and or hair so if you have any other things in mind, please tell me right away as Ill try to do it however you like :slight_smile:


Please note that this thread is for me practicing, so I might change things regarding your model and might not be able to do it everyday! I am saying this because maybe you were expecting your model and such but I couldnt do it!

  • Ill try to finish all the models after I finish the requests I have on request thread!

I also May or May not contour or draw it

Thank you so much in advanced! I hope to see your models :two_hearts:
Take not that im accepting models in ALL STYLES!


My name is Mili babe, if you didn’t already know :wink:


Do you want anythinf specific? Perhaps how you want her to look like etc.


Here are male and female ink models



Do you want anything specific? Change a little bit of their clothes and adding props and stuff :slight_smile:
@Ayu and @Roseyy


A gun prop for the male, if hes the one your doing, would be great


It would be great if you can make my character use magic coming from the hand.


Hey… I’m new to this forum…
Skin: Tan
Hair: Its actually a neck-length layered wavy hair (black)
Nose: Soft Natural
Eyebrows: Defined Natural
Eyes: Round Classic (Dark brown)
Lips: Big round (any color will do)
Outfit: ANY


My details


@epySam and @Whoacoco
Do you want anything more specific? Like what theme is your edit gonna be, any extra props or outfits?


I like to be surprised I’m sure I’ll love what you come up with!


Can you make one with me listening to music or me writing a story on episode (using my laptop)






Nope bae, just do what you do! :wink:




Hope you don’t mind me stealing your models :rofl:


Haha of course! This is for practice anyways.