Need models for my edits

So as the title say I need models for my edits, I need couples (any) and singles
I will also need ur insta so I can tag u
My insta: Cat333.episodes

First 4 edits are up on my insta staring


Hi! My Instagram is @author_Sarah

Do you need limelight or ink models? :)) I’ll put both just in case! Have fun while doing your art, that’s the important part!

Skin: Light
Hair: beach wave, chestnut brown
Eyes: upturned bold, brown
Eyebrows: medium-soft arch
Face shape: Oval
Nose: Upturned
Mouth: Classic, blush

Body: Generic
Skin: Rose 01
Hair: Half-up ponytail, deep brown
Face shape: Soft heart
Eyes: Heavy lid upturned, black
Eyebrows: straight medium, deep brown
Nose: Defined natural
Mouth: Flat round, fair rose

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My insta is @anustories

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My details :slight_smile:


Body: Female Soft
Skin tone: Neutral 01
Hair: Medium Side Bangs Two Buns (I don’t remember the exact name but it is something like this)
Hair colour: Black Dark
Eyes: Female Generic (Brown Dark)
Eyebrows: Arched Natural (Black)
Face: Diamond
Nose: Defined Natural
Mouth: Full Heart (Hot Pink Gloss)

You can credit me by my IG: @satambhoomi

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heyyy I don’t know if I want LL models or ink ones but here’s mine:

My character details


My Instagram is bella.h_writes
They are a couple :heart:


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Here are some character cards. The last one was made by @/episode_katherinee, the rest by me!

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What’s the name of ur top I can’t find it x

Do u think u could get a pic of the hair for me just so I know I’m using the right one x

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here are my characters

Lost (me)

Ryder (my bf)



Zara Maria

Prince/Princessa (they are the same person just opposite gender)

ig: lost.puppy.episode

If u still need anyone-


@rogueangelwrites on ig

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Here you go



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Sheer Top Tucked Rolled Pants Polyester Blue White

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Instagram @ryder_epii

Do u have an insta so I can tag u x

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yep it’s @cass_writes_

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What’s ur insta x

My Instagram is @/robyn.epi!

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