Need models for practicing drawn art! ( INK)


I need models to practice drawing

I could use practice with drawn art for INK
and i still think i could improve

So drop your deets and ill practice with it!

Just fill out this form tho!

  • Character deets!
  • Character outfits:
  • Your personality and hobbies:
  • Your fav’s (eg: Fav colour, food etc)

Thank you all so much!
And thank you for letting me use your characters for practice


I’m not sure if I can do this but tags!!
Sorry if you didn’t wanna be tagged!
@fake_bananas @Faye_ep @nayu.ep @Dark_Clover21


Ink or LL? :eyes:

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@Vi_Episode sure


Credit @Akanksha.writes on forums :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
hobbies:reading books,writing poetry…
fav colour:purple,blue


You can draw my character if you want!

Use this outfit or make another one, up to you. Favourite colour is orange, hobbies include writing, listening to music… But do whatever you want!


Both @Ryder14

I’d love to practice more!

I’ll send ink characters :grin:
There’s a couple if you’d like to practice with


•Valkyrie’s eyebrows is actually Mature Round

Can I see the finished result?

Favorites:Food,The Dark


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You can use my character :wink:

Hi @Akanksha.writes What is your personality or hobbies?

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@fake_bananas I tried editing with yours

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Any suggestions to make it better?

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Good job! Thanks for letting me model :slight_smile:

I do have a suggestion: try using wider and less intense strokes for the body highlights. They’ll look more natural! In general I find it much easier to increase the brush size and lower its opacity, because that way you can build up the effects! I do that for blush as well.

I’m not sure if you saw my response on your other thread, but it might help you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I did see it, thanks! @fake_bananas
I use pixlr for highlights!

do you have any specific amount of highlight strength and all in the app or site you use
It would helpa a lot!

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Oh, perfect! I use the same site hahaha

I go to Retouch - Dodge/Burn - Lighten - Light

And then I set the strength to 1!

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Ohh that’s awesome! Do you have a specific size and softness?i tried multiple times but one is too big or tto small

The retouch is the one that looks like a band-aid right? @fake_bananas