Need models for practicing drawn art! ( INK)

Funny and sarcastic and I love music and painting

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Yep, the band-aid one! I don’t change the softness, so I think it’s set at 50%

As for size, it depends on the area I’m highlighting but I usually make it large enough that I can highlight a whole shoulder, cheekbone, etc. with one tap (ie. without dragging the cursor)

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@gReta8 here’s what I did with yours


Do you want the same outfit?

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Sorry for the late reply…yes :))

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:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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U can make one with mine :blush:

Character deets!

Just Change her Hair into Wavy Long.

  • Character outfits: It’s up to u
  • Your personality and hobbies: Good girl but bad habits, Can be rude or stubborn, addicted to gadgets or Internet, Music is all I love, sweet, caring, helping, Sometimes Shy, etc.
  • Your fav’s (eg: Fav colour, food etc): Music, foodie, Purple or else black, Night lover, Nature love, Photography, etc.

And I’ll love to see what u will make :wink:
:blob_hearts: :blob_hearts:

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