As the title said, I need more MALE INK characters for my story.
I can give you/ your story a shout out if you give me 2 INK MALE characters.
Not all of them has to be handsome. My story is kinda high school.
Please help. :upside_down_face:






Face shape: Define Triangle
Skin: Tan
Eyebrows: Medium sharp
Hair: Cropped Fawn
Nose: Button
Eyes: Stoic Almond Blue
Lips: Small Round Terracotta


I have a male version of myself :slight_smile: Say hi to Vincent :wink:


Thankyou all of you @Turtle_Cat @leslie.creates @ViviOfficially
Do you have any stories so I can give it a shoutout in my story?


No not yet :sweat_smile: rn I’m writing for the MC contest

But I have Instagram @leslie.giselle04


Okay thanks!


Can I use this too?


Of course! I have a girl too if you need her.:heart:


Can I use this?


Yes Please! Tysm!!


Sure just let me know when you publish your story




I don’t have any stories published, but my instagram is @Vivi.Officially.Episode