Need More Overlays

Hi. anyway, I’m trying to look for milkshake overlays that will be used during the lunch scene where the students will be talking about the upcoming Junior and Senior Pool Party.

So if there’s anyone who will be kind enough to do that, let me know please :slight_smile:

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Like this? and the background is transparent when you upload it…

Yes. Thanks so much. And also, I’m going to use it for the lunch scene when the students discuss the upcoming pool party. As well as the Halloween Hop. Which I’ll need overlays for that too. :slight_smile:

You mean like table and chair overlays?

Yeah. For when the kids sit down and stuff. :slight_smile:

What BG are you using?

INT. CAFETERIA TABLE OL - DAY. Even though I see no tables or chairs. Well, it has chairs. but they’re not the ones that the kids would sit at though.