NEed more than 1 value to unpack? help

What does that mean???

Is it saying that in the app or in the portal?

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Umm can you put a screenshot of the error

so i reuploaded the background still gives me a freaking erorr

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hi can you please copy & paste the part of script that’s showing the error or send a screenshot?? xx

this error normally occurs when you have more than one error in your script. most commonly;

  • incorrect use of weather effects with backgrounds

  • missing spot placement coordinate numbers

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Its neither of those but ok

@zoom on 233 61 to 153% in 0
music music_sadgoodbye
@EMMY changes hair into Wavy Long
@NADIA changes hair into Straight Medium
@EMMY change into Emmywinter
@NADIA changes into nadiaslays
@set hsl 2 18 -25 no_colorize with blendMode Multiply to 100%
@EMMY spot 1.010 122 110 in zone 1
@EMMY moves to layer 3
@NADIA spot 1.109 260 61 in zone 1
@NADIA moves to layer 3
@EMMY is idle_sit_serious_loop
@NADIA is talk_sit_anklescrossed_neutral_loop

@EMMY faces left
@zoom on 124 199 to 282% in 10
| italic | Emmy heard her mother talking. She tuned her out and think what is her on her mind.
| italic | She wished , how could she know her dad so much a place of belonging.
| italic | She felt lost inside, but maybe it’s best to leave the past in the past.

@zoom on 259 179 to 166% in 10
@NADIA spot 1.109 250 -32 in zone 1
@NADIA moves to layer 3
NADIA (talk_armscrossed_sad_loop)
Is everything alright?

@EMMY faces right
@EMMY spot 0.983 135 6 in zone 1
@EMMY moves to layer 3
EMMY (laugh_chuckle)
Yeah, of course!

    NADIA (talk_sad_serious_loop)
Why are you laughing?

@speechbubble is 162 188 to 100% with tail_top_left
EMMY (idle_sad_serious_loop)
(No reason…)
@zoom on 155 205 to 359% in 5
@speechbubble is 163 216 to 100%

if it’s not any spot directing, try to check zooms. however i do not see where the error could possibly be coming from, i apologize! maybe @Dara.Amarie is able to help you with this??

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ikr! couple of my big author friends don’t know what it is either ugh :confused:

p.s. dara gave birth to her baby so probably not lol

well, in that case. @Dara.Amarie congratulations on your baby!

and to you, i hope you are able to find out what is causing the error😟 if i manage to spot it somewhere then i’ll let you know. that is really strange on why you are getting an error

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Yeah and i wrote this script months ago too!

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I pasted the codes on my test script and it work just fine. I have no idea what the heck happened here…

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Ik! I sent the script to my friend idk what’s up!!

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