Need motivation ASAP 😭 sat at laptop for 2 hours

I’m writing my story. Started on 6 (it’s called trapped) and I have writers block. I don’t know how to continue and that :sob:

I usually listen to music, which always helps me write, or take a break! Breaks and music always help me :slight_smile:

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I like to go for walks and read books to get inspiration :heart:

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Thank youu​:gift_heart::heart_eyes:

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Thanks bby​:gift_heart::gift_heart:

definitely read other stories, don’t copy though.

I know it’s a weird one but a shower.

A walk

A nap



No problem :black_heart:

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Take breaks! If you’re stuck, put it down and pick it up again tomorrow. Remember, there’s no reason to rush or force through it.

Try to take it slow and imagine different ways the story could go next. Dismiss 2 or 3 options before you finally get to something unexpected.

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Thank you :gift_heart:

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Thank youuu💝

Moved to Episode Fan Community since it’s about writing Episode stories. :wink:

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