Need motorcycle overlay with girl on it



I am in desperate need of a motorcycle overlay with a girl riding it.
If I were THAT skilled I would make one my own. But unfortunately I don’t work well with digital art.
If anyone can help me out, I will be so so grateful and of course credit will be given fully to whom the artist may be - Rae <3


They I can do it for you if you’d like. It would look normal though (like it was an animation)


That would be perfect! Do you need anything from me? (Like what the character looks like etc.)


So sorry for the late reply, yes I do, do you want a front view or a side view?


It’s no problem, I am sorry for my late reply to, my laptop was being all glitchy and I had to fix it.

These are Iris’s details
A side view


Awesome! Is there a certain color motorcycle you want?


If you can do sorta like a dark blue that would be amazing


Of course! It will take me a bit but it will be done hour tops!


Would you like me to add a helmet to her?


I don’t want to ask for too too much but is it possible to do one with a helmet and one without? If not that is totally fine and you can just do one with the helmet


Of course! And would you want it facing left or right or both?


I will go will both just to be on the safe side,
I can’t thank you enough you are a life saver! xx


Sorry I’m annoying af lol, but would you like an additional accessory (gun for example.


It’s all good lol,
Only thing I can really thing of is a gun


Ok does this look ok?

Once you let me know I can edit it with facing differently and add the helmet.


Also I will clean up the wheels lol.


That is so perfect! Oh my sweet baby Jesus


Lol ok, but I will change tires so it’s cleaner (around edges)



Amazing thank you so so much xx