Need multiple suggestions/advice + polls [BLIND MC]

So I want to code a story with the MC being blind, but I don’t want to offend anyone who is blind. Basically I need more info on how to code blind characters properly without it seeming off/weird and some suggestions on how they think, perceive the world, how to code things without the screen being blank all the time, etc. For example I’m thinking of the character imagining people in her/his head (I’d put a filter). I know it’s confusing, so if anyone can help, it’ll really help me a lot! If you need more details just dm me. Thank youuu :smiling_face:

Also I need help with title + name choices. Here are some polls:

Title of story?
  • A World Without Color
  • A World Without Colors
  • A World Made of Lines
  • Grey World
  • Other (please give me ideas)

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The plot is something like this: (the whole story takes place in the future)
-MC is “created” by her mom , a scientist.
-There’s a problem with her eyes because of the DNA changes.
-A surgery with advanced equipment fails and leaves her blind at a young age
-MC is locked up in an asylum because the scientists have to cover up the case and her mom abandons her
-Ever since MC is blind.
-After MANY years there is global warming and many people die because of lack of food, lack of water, lack of resources, and diseases and whatever else.
-The government is trying to isolate the entire world using metal and all the advanced technology and equipment (like building a dome to protect citizens from the sun’s rays that are now destroying everything, trying to build more robots as people, etc.) and locking up or killing everyone that tries to rebel or gets in the way. Which is why some people have lost hope and just gone along with all of it and some people die because they fight. They (the governments) hire the strongest soldiers to kill these people or help with the “rebuilding of the world” etc etc.
-One of those soldiers is the LI. He’s actually working as a spy for the underground rebellion, called the Line Society.
-They obviously fall in love
-She joins the rebellion and learns a LOT about “lines” (it’s an important part of my story).
Some keywords include “threads” “lines” “colors” but I can’t seem to weave them into a good title that sums up the entire story plot well.

Which brings me to the second poll. Some parts seems a little too similar in a way to the story “Shatter Me”, but I swear it wasn’t inspired from that book! Is it too similar or can it be passed for “inspiration”?

  • It’s too similar!
  • It’s okay as long as you make slight plot changes to it.
  • Other ( please specify in comments )

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Lastly I need you guys to choose LI/MC names.

MC names
  • Gwen
  • Auruelle
  • Jordi/Jordan
  • Ilana
  • Iris (I figured iris because of she’s blind…)
  • Leah
  • Other

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LI names
  • Adam
  • Brynn (yes I know it could be a girl name)
  • Chad
  • Jasper
  • Other

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Thank you guys for voting btw <33 I’m open to any new suggestions if y’all have any!

Haven’t read nor heard of Shatter Me so I can’t vote on that one, but here are some more title ideas for you! (:

• A World That I Cannot See
• A World That I Can Touch, But Cannot See
• A World Through My Eyes
• A World Through Empty Eyes
• Sightless
• Sightless Perception
• Blinded / Blinded World (double meaning)
• Seeing Isn’t Everything (changed a common phrase)
• Love At First Sight (strike through is intentional obv)
• Empty Visions / Empty Eyes
• Field of Touch
• Touch of Sight
• Imperceptive
• Perception of The Unseeing
• The Eyes of The Unseeing
• Blinding Sight
• Line of Sight (my personal fav in relation to your story)


This is so Good !! :heart_eyes:

love this ! i hope you’ll succeed on with the story !

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Thank you so much, those are such great suggestions! Will definitely be considering them :blob_hearts:

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Thank you so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :revolving_hearts: It really means a lot to me!

Same here :smiley:

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No worries!

Blind Love (sounds like it) :thinking:

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Nice idea! However, my story isn’t just on romance it has other factors too that I want to display or bring out in the title itself too, like with the cover.

Heyy need more suggestions. :purple_heart:

  1. How to portray blind people correctly.
  2. Cover ideas??? (please) I’m thinking of drawn art.
Would you read this story?
  • Yes
  • No

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  1. Help me with the description!

Hey :wave:

I’m not blind, so I can’t and won’t speak on their behalf, but I am deaf and can relate to the frustration of misrepresentations of disabilities. I like your story plot. It seems unique (I haven’t seen/read shatter me)

general pieces of advice for people who are trying to represent a disability:

  • Research what challenges the disability creates and how this affects the character. For deafness, it is conversations. Deaf people are unable to follow a fast pace conversation. (I have cochlear implants)
  • Don’t go into how the character feels about being blind/deaf/etc. If you haven’t experienced the disability for yourself, then it won’t be genuine. And if it’s inaccurate that it can seriously offend the person with the disability.

I know it’s not relevant, but I made a topic a long while ago about how to create deaf characters. Even though I’m not blind, I still think there are some relevant things in the topic applies to all disabilities. If you do not wish to read it all, I suggest you look at the first drop-down called We are human and Proud to be deaf (I believe this applies to everyone who was born with a disability or got it early on in life). For blindness or any other disability that takes away one of the senses, visit The Sences drop down.

Link: How to: Write a Deaf Character

if I said anything offensive, please tell me, so I know for the future.

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There’s already a story named Shatter Me

I meant that I haven’t read nor heard of the story Shatter Me so I can’t vote on whether the plot is too similar or not.

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Thank you so much, your opinion means a lot! It has been very helpful too <33

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Perhaps an eye in the middle of the art and then a city around the whole eye? (For the cover art)

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Or maybe the blind woman sitting in front of a tree on a bench and the li is sitting next to her? (For the cover art)

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Ooh, interesting, thank you! :))

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You’re welcome.