*~Need new Art Cover~*

Hello thank you for reading as you can see I need a new story cover story. is called Miss in kiss: Love in Minnesota and I’ve been begging people to help me but unfortunately, they forget or steal so if your an artist a very good one. I would love you too help me out to be in my new story!??!

Story Description: A quirk of faint sends an ordinary girl sweet-natural high school girl and her father into a home of a school genius whom she has a huge crush on

Meet Cordelia she is 16 years old and lives with her dad when mother died when she was 7 years old she has a huge crush on Ethan Collins She’s in class F in a charter school she never gives up and she is a horrible chef but has a good heart and asks like a little kid and girl she is obsessed with food.

~Ethan Collins~

This is Ethan Collins he is 17 years old in Class A he is the most hottest and smartest guy in his charter school he doesn’t do love and dating he has a cold heart he has a photography memory his parents run the popular video game company has a little brother he doesn’t really give a shit if he hurts peoples feelings likes teasing Cordelia and her feelings which is fun for him.

Postition- Anything you want.
Deadline- February 6th
Good luck and help a girl out :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Background wanted for cover!
Image result for episode backgrounds night

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I could try making one! Do you have some backround you want them in?

Yes it’s right in the post.

Ohh sorry I somehow missed it

It’s alright :hugs: So when will you get started?And whats examples of your work?

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I could probably start tomorrow.


Few of these were for outline contests

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They look beautiful :smile:

So shall I make you a cover?

Yes.Thank you for answering my requested i am so thankful!

Yeah no problem! :slight_smile:

:relaxed:So do need like any positions the characters would be doing :slight_smile:

Did you have some positions in mind?

Ethan would be doing a heart shape on his hand with a smiling on his face while looking at Cordelia blushing. And cordelia would have a smile on her face laughing while having her arms around him.

Okay I can try to do it. But is ethans hands in front of corelia or behind Corelia?

In behind

Okay I got it now!

Thank you again.

I could


Also are Corelias hands around his neck or back or hips