Need new editing style ideas


Hey guys ok so. I like my current editing style aka this sort of shading and outlining ~

But I’d like to try some new things. But idk what :thinking:
Got any ideas of what i could change/try doing?
Comment your ideas down below please! :kissing_heart:

Share your art / drawings

Lol amamazing bestie I’m glad to have you in the group


Same! I need to teach me ur ways master :joy:


Your art is soooo good! Maybe if you haven’t done makes before you could do that? Or try the art in classical or limelight?


She has tried limelight


Ugh what app do you use?


Ibis paint x


I use the same thing and my art sucks lol
Anybody relate? No? crickets ok then lowers head and leaves


So then maybe classical? Or realistic drawing???


She did realistic


I’m slightly pissed. I have drawn for ask long as I can remember and my art still sucks I mean. Look at this mess

Someone explain why I still suck


Oh yeah!!! I forgot about the thread she made with that :sweat_smile:. Okay so…classical then?


I don’t think she’s done that yet


I HATE the first and he second one, they makes me cringe


Almighty, editing lord and saviour…
Smite me with your talent. :raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2:


Lol same


Uhhhh what are you talking about? Your art is amazing!


…Nope :expressionless:


Seriously, I’m not kidding it’s really good


Seriously, I’m not kidding
…Nope :expressionless: