Need New stories: R4R

Hello lovely, thank you for the thread <3
You could maybe check my story out!
Name: The Mafia’s Kingdom
Genre: Romance/Action
My instagram:dakota.writes
Description: Talis runs one of the most feared gangs in all of New York city, what will happen when she has to unite with another Mafia? Will love get in the way? Or will her past stop her?

Thank you!:sob::heart::heart: I’ll be sending you ss soon!

Heyy lovie​:innocent::innocent:!
I just published my first story on episode and I was wondering if you can give it a read and also a shout out if you don’t mind.:pleading_face:
The story’s name is The Unsinful Temptation and it’s in limelight.
I’d love to hear your review about the story. If you have the time :blush:
My epi username is Kasi.Nova :two_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I would enjoy a feedback from you so please read

I’m open to doing a R4R if anyone’s still interested!

Title: The Devil’s Advocate
Author: Julie
Story Description: After a dramatic turn of events, Serena, an arrogant queen bee, decides to reinvent herself. Unfortunately, trading her horns for a halo is much easier said than done. (LL, CC)
Genre: Drama/Comedy/Mystery
Style: Limelight
Chapters: 3 (ongoing)
Instagram: @storiesbyjulie

Finished! Let me know when you’re done with mine :slight_smile:

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Hey I PM’d you and I finished reading your story :slight_smile: , I was finally able to publish so my story link is:

Story Link

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hi! I’ll get to reading yours as soon as I can since I’m going down the list in order :slight_smile:

Hi @idkwrites! I would love to do an R4R with you!

Here’s my story:

Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Style: Limelight
Link to story:

Description: Talking animals, ghostly ships, and murderous love triangles. Read all this and more in the Old French fairytales of Marie de France! (CC, Diversity, multiple endings)

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ooooh this looks interesting, would you like to do a R4R?

Story Link

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Sure, can we do 3 for 3?

Yeah that’s perfect!

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I am astonished. I loved your story and I hope it gets many reads. The medieval poetess were absolutely beautiful and I loved every lesson that was taught in every episode/story. I was able to unlock the true endings.

I hope to see more from you! Do you have an Instagram?

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