Need new stories to read

I need stories to read on episode with more than 20 episodes


Have you tried Galactic Game, Dirty Sexy Teenager both ny Lucky or He Can’t Tame Me by Meila Summers.


Self plug, but I’m about to update in a few hours that will make me have 20+ episodes hahahaha, so if you’re interested, it’s called One of the Girls.
Here’s the link:


whats the basic summery of it?

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A guy spending his first year of college living with three girls. It’s a comedy :slightly_smiling_face:

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He Can’t Tame Me by Meila Summers
Galactic Game by Lucky

These two stories deserve to be overrated tbh

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what are good stories about MC falling for their boss or Mafia Stories or Cop stories or just badboy stories ill read anything with more than 20 episodes