Need Nicknames!

Hi! I need a rude nickname (Or a list!) that a bully would call a nerd.

Holly Grace Jackson is the name of the nerd if that helps.

I would describe her as the girl next door, pretty bossy, keeps to herself, and astute


I died of laughter

Well thank you very much

Thank you, but i’m looking for something with alliteration. I’m not very creative when it comes to this stuff so maybe something like “Gross Grace” or something :sweat_smile: as I said, i’m not very creative when it comes to this

gaytard grace

holly the hoe / hoe holly / honkey holly

Jelous Jackson
Go away grace or gone grace
Waste of space
Irrelevant piece of trash

(I’m bad at coming up with lists, the reason I have the ones above are some that i’ve been called (All below the gone grace are what i’ve been called.)

Holly Donkey followed by donkey noises

What does she look like?

Hideous Holly? :woman_shrugging:

Horrid Holly?

Bossy Holly
Monster Mouth Jackson
Horrid Holly
Clingy Grace
Nerdy Jackson
Im not really creative

I actually love yours lmao

Here is what she looks like

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Holly Donkey
Carrot head
Fire hydrant
Four eyed monster

Thank you, yours are great!

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Thank you to the people who helped me! Your ideas are all wonderful!

Ginger minger?


“Aw chloe, don’t worry it’s just god punishing you for being a ginger” - fat patricia.

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instead of fat patricia do fatty patty