Need night verison of this background!

Heyo can anyone make me 2 night backgrounds.
I need one where the lights and windows are glowing (kinda like the lights are off) and another where it’s just dark
Here’s the background:

ps it’s made by me, so if anyone wants to use it plz credit me @Ivory_Rain (@Ivory_Rain.episode for insta)

Thx in advance🌸

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Well, this is already a night background: (Just put in “cafe” in the art catalog)

And I just made this darker:
Hope you like it, and if you need a redo, feel free to ask me!
Have a good day! :wink:


I can’t use the first one cause it isn’t the same as the background I made if ya look at it you’ll notice that I’ve added an apartment above the cafe along with editing the background a bit

Thx for the second one tho :cherry_blossom:

@Sydney_H or @Jeremy plz close this :cherry_blossom:

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Ah, sorry, I can’t help you then! I apologize for the inconvenience.

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It’s fine, I made the glowing night verison :cherry_blossom: