Need Of A Partner

I been working on my story non stop for weeks and months and I am having so much trouble with the editing and nothing is working and in need of professional help so I can finally get this story of my publish so my friends can read it in need of a partner help Please… :pensive::cry::pleading_face:

I can help u out

I am a young creative writer that’s in need of a partner my story is falling apart and I need a partner to help me make a lot better and hope can fix my errors and help me bring my story to life in return i will give you such wonderful story ideas and help you out in the future

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And will give you wonderful art designs covers and backgrounds

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Um ok :ok_hand:t5:
When do u wanna start?
And just so I know
How old are you?

I’m almost 20 a young male who just love this app and wants to create his own story so that one day they would be movies or tv shows one day but hey a boy can dream right and since we are going to be partners we should act like a team so that we both can share the credit and glory of our stories and what about you what is your name and age my name is Spencer :blush::blush:

My name is Kali and im 13

well don’t worried i’m not a creep that is for sure :blush: just need a helping hand and the best writers always start young so lets be famous on the app :blush::blush:

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I can help with finding story ideas and plots and im pretty good with making outfits.
I have a lot of connections ,you can contact me on ig Nxilson if your interested in my offer.
My Names ~ Elena

Hey! I’m writing a Fantasy/Adventure/Romance story and I’d love to get some help on it. I would like to have someone to bounce ideas off of, and to have someone to help out with coding. Hmu for more details if you’re interested!