Need of a writing partner!

You must be interested in a plot of… Well, that’s for me and my partner to decide. I will love to cooperate with one of your exquisite moment I don’t have Instagram but once I get it back which would be in about 2 days I will contact the person!


hi there i hear you need a writing partner i think maybe i could be of assistance :slight_smile:

Omg really I would love too

Where do I contact you?

hi there ,

u still in need of a writer ?


i’m interested

can u tell me more about the game project ?

Yes do you have anywhere we can chat?

are u on IG ?

or we can chat here

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Yes it is epii.heidi

following u

ok now I’m waiting for your approved request


hey there :slight_smile:

ready when you are to talk about the game :slight_smile:

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hey u.

how u doing

tell me is there anyway we could chat next week monday ? this week is hectic as its home schooling im busy with and its our celebratory Eid festivities on sunday

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hey there ,

let me know when u can chat