Need of an honest feedback

Hi ,I’m Elsa.I’ve written a story n indeed an honest feedback about it before publishing it .This is my first story so I’m very nervous .Does anyone have the time to read my story ,the first three episodes to be specific .Here’s the link ,pls read n tell .Ur review is very important for me.

Moved to Share Feedback section! Feel free to review this tutorial, it has a lot of info about where to organize posts on the forums :slight_smile:

Hello Elsa, it will be a pleasure to read you story :blush:
I have currently other stories to read but I’ll read yours as well.:wink:
Feel free to pm me.
Bye! :kissing_heart:

No idea who you are, but seriously stop asking for random reviews, try making a thread, no one will give you a review when you just comment this everywhere…

Hi ,thanks .Here’s the link pls check it out .

Sure ,I’ll check it out as soon as possible

I’m new to this community ,can u pls tell me how to create a thread .what is a thread by the way .

Doesn’t matter, it was for that girl (or guy but it’s mostly not guys idk lol) that writes that comment in way too many places…

This is a thread, topic is a thread, so since you made a topic I’m guessing you know how…

I can also give you feedback if it helps

Oops …sorry , I just got an email from u ,so I thought it was for me ,it was for thetopic but I forgot ,so will u check out my story n tell .pretty please

I can’t get you feedback, sorry my phone stopped working almost completely, I can’t open any apps including Episode obviously I’m so sorry

No problem

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